September Reception place admissions to Bannerman Road Community Academy and Children's Centre are coordinated through Bristol City Council. The closing date for admissions is the January preceding the September intake.


Parents will need to apply for a place in the Reception class of the Academy directly on the council's website below


Where the number of applications is greater than the published admission number the over-subscription criteria will be applied.


Our admission number for September 2017 is 60

Our admission number for September 2018 is 60


The first round of primary admissions for Reception classes in September 2017 has now closed. The second round of primary admissions has now closed. Bannerman Road Community Academy is now oversubscribed. 


In order to apply for a Reception place at the school for 2017/2018 you will need to contact the school office and asked to be put on the waiting list. We will not know until mid September if there are any places available. Students on the waiting list will have the same criteria applied as the over subscription criteria.


Where the number of applications is greater than the published admission number the oversubscription criteria will be applied.

Allocations of places are made in the following order:

1. Children in the care of the Local Authority.

2. Those children with siblings of statutory school age already at Bannerman Road

Community School and who will still be on roll in the September

3. Those children living closest to Bannerman Road Community School as

measured in a direct line from the home address to the school.

Applications to places in the school during the academic year are to be made directly at the school. Please contact the school either by email, phone or in person to the school office
Applications for our Willow Class (3-4 year olds) are completed directly at the school. Please see the school office for a form and apply directly to the school. Your child must be three years of age on either 31st August to start in the September, or on the 31st December to start in the January providing there are spaces.
Applications to move onto Year 7 in secondary school are completed through Bristol City Council's website.
The application deadline is usually at the end of October for all admissions the following September.
Further details can be found here:
NEWS: The deadline for Secondary admissions for September 2017 have now closed
You can apply via a late application using the paper application and sending direct to Bristol City Council. Further information can be found here: