Nursery & Reception

Term 1
The Reception classes have been learning about their core book 'Titch.' They were encouraged to talk about themselves and their families. Here are some of the self portraits they have drawn this term. 

Term 2                                                                                                                                                     The children in Reception have been learning about their core book 'Owl Babies.' They have been retelling the story using the book, story maps and puppets. They have used different media to create some owl related art such as shape pictures, drawings and sponge printing. They have learnt lots of facts about owls such as that their head turns nearly all the way around and they can't move their eyes. They then put these facts into sentences and extended their vocabulary. Here is some of the work the children have created this term.


Term 3

The children in reception explored ‘The Gingerbread Man’ in term 3. This core book encouraged the children to be creative. They retold the story, acted out the story, wrote their own gingerbread man stories and created lots of art work. The children especially enjoyed making gingerbread. The classroom smelt amazing and all of the children enjoyed eating their gingerbread men.

Term 4
The children in Reception class loved dressing up for world book day and celebrating their favourite story characters. They were even filmed and featured on the BBC Points West news. Both classes enjoyed a visit from an author who came in to read one of her books. She invited some children to come to the front and pretend to be some of the characters. The rest of the children helped to tell the story by joining in the repeated parts of the story and adding sound effects.
The children in Reception class have Forest school sessions led by a qualified Forest School Leader and we are very lucky to have such a big space for them to explore. Here are some photos of the children taking part in some of their favourite activities such as playing on the net swing, balancing their way across the "swamp," digging for treasure and making things out of natural materials. They thoroughly enjoy the sessions and it really encourages the children to explore the natural world and talk about what they already know or have found out.
Term 5
Reception went on a trip to Bristol Zoo where we saw lots of different animals. We had a mini beast education session where we learnt lots of information and even got the chance to hold a giant Madagascan cockroach. We also met a stick insect and a tarantula up close