General Information

At Bannerman Road Community Academy and Children’s Centre we believe that every pupil has the right to be able to read and write effectively and to be able to communicate with others.  In order to achieve this, English has a high profile within the school.



We believe that curiosity, interest, knowledge and imagination grow with reading and that all pupils should be taught to read fluently and expressively and be encouraged to enjoy reading for pleasure and information.  We promote reading throughout the day in all lessons.  Children have the opportunity to read 1:1 with an adult, take part in a guided reading group and listen to the teacher read the class story.  The main reading scheme used is PM books however to ensure breadth, our reading resources are topped other from other schemes. 



It is important that pupils learn to write independently from an early stage and this is encouraged through emergent writing in EYFS.  In Key stage 1 and 2, pupils follow  Pie Corbett’s ‘talk for writing’ structure;  immersion, innovation and invention.  A high quality text is learned and used as a model.  Pupils follow a broad curriculum for writing, which teaches and revisits different genres each year to ensure pupils become confident writers across a range of genres. 


Spelling / phonics / grammar

Children receive daily sessions that are taught in a range of ways.   Phonics bug is used to teach phonics, which is a scheme upon letters and sounds.   Yr 2-y6 have log ins to use spelladrome which is an exciting online programme which helps pupils learn their spellings in an exciting way.


Please support your child at home by

  •          talking to them about their day,
  •          listening to them to read at least 3 times a week
  •          encourage them to use the ICT programmes that are recommended by the school
  •          help them to learn their spellings
I hold regular parent workshops on a variety of English topics.  If you have any requests or suggestions please see me.
Mrs Dyer
English Leader