CGS Trust is a multi-academy Trust formed in 2012 which seeks to provide outstanding education for its pupils. Currently the Trust has six schools – its flagship school, Colston’s Girls’ School (Secondary) and the following primary schools: Barton Hill Academy, Bannerman Rd Community Academy, Dolphin School, Fairlawn School and the Kingfisher School.

The Colston's Girls' School Trust Governance statement, structure and general information can be seen below.

If you would like to contact Kath Henry, the chair of governors, please do so through the school address. 

Bannerman Road Community Academy Governors

Katherine Henry                   Chair of Governors

                                             Appointed Governor and CGST Director


Felicity Brown                       Appointed Governor SMV


Trevor Smallwood                 Appointed Governor and CGST Director/ SMV


Lynsey Prewett                     Headteacher Bannerman Road Community Academy


Negat Afsar                          Parent Governor


Becky Thomson                      Staff Governor


Yolanda Borneo                       Sponsor Appointed Governor



Other Attendees

Linda Corbidge                       Clerk to Governors


Tracy Jones                           Deputy Head


Jodi Dyer                               Assistant Head (English Leader)


Katie Swann                           Assistant Head (Maths Leader)