General information

At Bannerman Road Community Academy, our bespoke enquiry based curriculum has been developed to suit the children’s interests and reflect the local area, its heritage and its culture. Through our teaching, we develop children’s curiosity and provide opportunities to discuss issues which are important to them in their lives. This enquiry based approach encourages children to take ownership of their learning and become engaged, independent and motivated.


Each phase follows a topic for part of a term which develops knowledge and understanding of the Foundation subjects from the National Curriculum. As much as possible, these subjects are cross-curricular to incorporate all aspects of learning. As well as knowledge, we develop the children’s skills and learning to learn behaviours to create lifelong learners. During our enquiry lessons, children are encouraged to research, investigate, problem solve and think critically to inform their learning.


Our teachers seek opportunities both locally and in the wider Bristol area to enrich the children’s learning opportunities through trips and visitors to the school.