Safeguarding is…..

  • how well pupils are taught to keep themselves safe
  • how well the school protects pupils from bullying, racist abuse, harassment or discrimination, and promotes good behaviour
  • the effectiveness of health and safety policies and procedures
  • the effectiveness of arrangements to provide a safe environment and secure school site
  • how well the school meets the needs of pupils with medical conditions
  • how appropriately child welfare and child protection concerns are identified and responded to by the school
  • how effectively the school works with key agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
  • the extent to which the school ensures that adults working with children are appropriately recruited and vetted, and receive appropriate training, guidance, support and supervision to undertake the effective safeguarding of pupils.
Tracy Jones is safeguarding lead. Lynsey Prewett and Jo Franklin are deputy safeguarding leads.
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