Vision and Values

We believe that our school is a learning environment for all the stakeholders - pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.
All pupils should have the entitlement to quality engaging and exciting teaching and learning. We expect our pupils to take ownership of their learning and to assess their own progress. To do this we have high expectations and aspirations for all our pupils
Personalised learning is about helping every child and young person to do better, which means tailoring their education to their individual needs, interests and aptitudes so as to fulfill their potential and giving them the motivation to be independent, lifelong ambitious learners.
We are proud of the relationships we have with our pupils, parents/carers and believe that it is central to the making our vision come true. 

Every child leaving Bannerman Road Community Academy and Children’s Centre should:

• Enjoy the journey of learning

• Have an open and enquiring mind

• Know and be proud of their own skills and positive qualities in others

• Be able to recognise and value skills and positive qualities in others

• Achieve the highest levels of literacy, numeracy and Information Technology, together with social and communication skills

• Enjoy physical and emotional wellbeing

• Be aware of their rights and responsibilities

• This will enable each child to enjoy and make the very best of the next steps in their journey
Our work together is built on the following foundations:

• Respect for others and each other

• Ambition for ourselves and each other

• Perseverance

• Responsibility

• Independence